Lord and Miller Infuse New Life Into Beloved Franchise

Lord and Miller Infuse New Life Into Beloved Franchise

Clone High

TV-14 -     

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Year Released: 2023 (continuation of 2002-03 series)
Runtime: 10 x 25m episodes
Creator(s): Bill Lawrence, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Cast: Will Forte, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Christa Miller, Ayo Edebiri, Nicole Sullivan, Mitra Jouhari, Kelvin Yu, Neil Casey, Vicci Martinez
Where To Watch: debuts with two episodes Tuesday, May 23, 2023, on Max, with two new episodes debuting each Thursday starting June 1, leading up to the final two episodes on June 22

RAVING REVIEW: Bringing the clones of CLONE HIGH out of suspended animation is like prying open a vault brimming with nostalgia, storytelling, and humor; the two-decade hiatus seems to have been a pause worth enduring. We have been welcomed back to campus and the ensuing chaos of an offbeat school, home to clones of historical figures conceptualized by the inventive trio of Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence.

The series being revived after 20 years was a unique challenge, as the original series was littered with things that wouldn’t be acceptable today (some things weren’t even proper during its first season in ‘02-’03, such as the issues with the main character Gandhi.) For the 2023 continuation, Christa Miller, previously the voice behind Cleopatra, gracefully handed over the baton to Mitra Jouhari while stepping into the shoes of another character, Candide Simpson.

This is a welcome return, as I was a massive fan of the original series; CLONE HIGH emerges from its slumber with its humor and enchantment intact. Its penchant for skewering high school tropes, historical personas, and animated charm remains acute. The series came out swinging with a self-referential meta-take on itself and the world we know today. I appreciated acknowledging past issues and how they can handle themselves going forward.

Even amidst a few tweaks, the core spirit of the series stays unaltered. It continues to be an animated romp through the high school drama genre, sprinkled with clever historical allusions and diverse characters grappling with teenage disarray. If anything, the writing has been taken up a notch and offers deeper insight without sacrificing the humor it was known for.

Lord and Miller's affection for CLONE HIGH seeps into their other works; they have never shied away from dropping various easter eggs over the years in everything they’ve worked on. Their craft has only been honed in the film and television industry over the years, infusing a new vitality into CLONE HIGH. The series isn’t just a “reboot” but a unique offering in familiar clothes.

The premier episode of the rebooted CLONE HIGH skillfully covers the two-decade hiatus, providing a seamless passage into modern-day life in the school. While the opening episode lays the groundwork, the rest of the season delves into the recognizable bedlam of teenage existence, humorously lampooning past and present teen dramas.

I’m ready for more adventures at Clone High! The series was initially picked up for two seasons (three in total, counting the original 2002-2003 season.) It remains to be seen if the current writer's strike will delay the second season.

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