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A Reunion With Unsettling Consequences, a Journey Into the Unknown



Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Year Released: 2001, 2023 Cult Epics Blu-ray release
Runtime: 1h 30m
Director(s): Martin Koolhoven
Writer(s): Martin Koolhoven
Cast: Fedja van Huêt, Carice van Houten, Theo Maassen, Erik van der Horst, Sacha Bulthuis, 
Cas Enklaar, Eva Van Der Gucht, Bert Luppes, Carly Wijs
Where To Watch: Releasing April 11, 2023, available to pre-order from Cult Epics www.cultepics.com or MVD Entertainment www.mvdshop.com

RAVING REVIEW: Director Martin Koolhoven brings us AMNESIA, an entertaining and thought-provoking psychological mystery thriller. Fedja van Huêt delivers a stunning dual-role performance, earning him the Golden Calf Award for Best Actor. Also, in her first feature film role, Carice van Houten (who most will know as Melisandre from GAME OF THRONES steals the screen with a fantastic performance.

The plot centers around the complex relationship between twin siblings; both brought to life by van Huêt. He can capture the stark contrast between the intensely introverted brother and his cold, antagonistic twin. Sacha Bulthuis’s portrayal of the quirky, alcohol-loving mother injects a welcome dose of humor into the narrative.

AMNESIA effectively reveals the hidden emotions and turmoil lurking beneath the surface of everyday life. There is so much to this film that it feels like something I’ll have to watch a few times before wrapping my mind around what is trying to be told through the immersive dialogue.

Set against the backdrop of the Netherlands, this thriller/comedy follows the twins in an attempt to reconnect with their mother. Their reunion brings up their dark, shared past, and the film introduces us to various events and characters playing essential roles in the character's development. By blending elements of absurdism, psychological suspense, and surrealism, AMNESIA creates a uniquely captivating viewing experience.

AMNESIA is a film lover's dream, combining hidden family secrets, the darkness within the light, and the relationship between siblings into a compelling story. Supported by outstanding performances and just the right touch of humor, this film offers a memorable experience that resonates with viewers.

Cult Epics offers a limited edition 2-disc Blu-ray set of AMNESIA, which includes a bonus disc featuring some of Koolhoven's early films, including SUZY Q (1999) and DARK LIGHT (1997).

Cult Epics, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in controversial art films with a cult following, distributed the film. Cult Epics was founded in Amsterdam in 1991 and has a long history of releasing rare movies in the art-house, horror, and erotica genres. Over the years, the company has made over 150 titles available on home video and digital in the USA and Canada. It continues to bring these films to a new generation of fans. With its commitment to releasing films that push the boundaries of traditional cinema, Cult Epics is a name to watch for movie lovers who appreciate films that challenge the status quo.

DISC 1: AmnesiA (2001)
- 4K HD Transfer (from the original camera negative) and Restoration
- Introduction by Martin Koolhoven
- Audio Commentary by Martin Koolhoven, Fedja van Huet, moderated by Peter Verstraten
- A Conversation with Martin Koolhoven & Carice van Houten (2022) 44 Mins
- The Making of AmnesiA (2001) 38 mins
- Behind-the-Scenes with Carice van Houten (2001)
- Theatrical Trailer

DISC 2: (LTD. Edition)
- Bonus TV films by Martin Koolhoven
- Suzy Q (1999) 85 mins
- Dark Light (Duister Licht) (1997) 55 mins
- Trailers
- New Slipcase Art by Peter Strain
- Double-sided Sleeve with Original Bonus Film Posters
- Dual-layered Disc

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