The Most Fun You'll Have on a $1000 Budget

The Most Fun You'll Have on a $1000 Budget

Sky Brady and Jill Symes in Rosemary & Sage Race Against Thyme (2022) [© Spring Lane Studios]

Rosemary & Sage Race Against Thyme

 – star    

Genre: Action
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 5m
Director(s): Jared Campbell
Writer(s): Jared Campbell, Kristal Jimenez, Donnie Lester
Cast: Sky Brady, Jill Symes, Raven Stone, Kristal Jimenez, Hailey Jensen, Natasha Marrero, John Felix, Junior Alvarez, Isaac Yarborough, Antonio Binns, Grayson Edmonds, Ben Johnson, Donnie Lester
Where To Watch: in select theaters now and some other Spring Lane Films available here

There is something about the heart of this film that I just can’t explain. It’s the definition of low budget, coming in at just $1275 total for everything. However, that’s where the similarities between most low-budget films stop. You have to keep this in mind when watching a low-budget film; sometimes, there may be a hiccup in the lighting, or an actor may miss a line, but ultimately that’s not what you should be paying attention to.

The cast of this film was a blast, and each brought its flavor to the film. The unique names, each named after various herbs and spices, was unique take that brought everything together even further. If you haven’t noticed, some plays on spices are in the film. However, they shine as a group, playing off the others to create a fun story.

I also have to credit director Jared Campbell; bringing this story to life was wonderful. Initially, I was a little taken aback when the story started to unfold; it felt like there was no way these characters could play these roles, but they instantly became who they were playing. I was fascinated seeing each of them become these characters. The story was so much fun; it let everyone fill these roles perfectly.

I’m excited because The Spring Lane Studios shared universe which contains these films ROSEMARY & SAGE RACE AGAINST THYME, CANDLE SMOKE, ST. PATRICK'S DAY, OH-BLIVION, OH-WORLD, OH-MART is a pretty ambitious project. I’ve only seen ROSEMARY & SAGE so far but will be diving into the rest. Combining these films into one world seems like so much fun.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and the posters for these films, designed by Suspirialand, are breathtaking! They sold me on the movie before even seeing it. Something about the hand-drawn aspect and the beautiful colors just draws you in.

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