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Danvers Launches New Website

Recently a new website for the Village of Danvers has been created offering a new place to learn more about the town and upcoming events. The new website opens up with a short description of the town, its population, and where it is located. Contact information is provided such as the Danvers Village Hall, the Danvers Water Emergency, Danvers Police Station, and Danvers Fire and Rescue contact info as well as many other important groups' contact info. Also provided under the contact info page is a map of the Village including links to local weather and village data info.

The Village website also has linked the information and application regarding their opening in job opportunities for the Village of Danvers. They are looking to hire a full-time public works employee and state they offer competitive wages and benefits. Another aspect of the new website is the provided info on paying water bills as well as a link to do so online. 

The resident info page is a great place for those new to town to learn more about Danvers. This page includes info on water, electricity, garbage, cable, internet phone, and gas services with links included. In addition, there is info on the Post Office, the schools in the area, and another link to the Village contacts. For those interested in learning more about upcoming events the new website hosts a Current and Upcoming Events page.

Having a website like this makes it easier for those living in and out of Danvers to have quick access to information they need and provides a space for newcomers to learn more about the town. The website’s link is under danversil.com and is worth checking out to see what it offers for yourself.

The new website can be found at: https://danversil.com/.