A Taste of the Paranormal With a Unique Twist

A Taste of the Paranormal With a Unique Twist

American Werewolves

– star star star

Genre: Documentary, Horror
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 20m
Director(s): Seth Breedlove
Where To Watch: Available on Cable VOD and Digital HD From 1091 Pictures Beginning July 5

This is the second documentary I’ve watched from Seth Breedlove, the first being ON THE TRAIL OF UFOS: NIGHT VISITORS. I enjoyed that one more, not that I didn’t appreciate this one, but it didn’t feel as grounded in reality as the other. AMERICAN WEREWOLVES was interesting when it focused on investigating the story, but at times it felt like the focus fell too heavily on adding shock value with people in costumes. I want to be clear, and I’m not knocking the film; this is just my critique after viewing the two. TRAIL felt like it tried to take a more unbiased approach, where WEREWOLVES felt more like a campfire story.

What they both had in common was the ability to keep an audience interested. There wasn’t a moment in either film where I felt distracted or uninterested. I think that’s an impressive feat to pull off in any type of film, especially one where I’m going in as an open skeptic on the topic.

Breedlove has an extensive filmography of documentaries on topics of the supernatural and paranormal. While, as I stated before, I am a skeptic, I also think it's essential to cover issues like these. Especially in a respectful manner such as there. They could've taken the low road, leaned into the world of conspiracy theories, and tried to make this into something it wasn’t. Instead, it was done tastefully that attempted to share an opinion with facts that could be found or supported by others.

I’ve always loved the paranormal, so I’ve tried to remain open-minded even while being skeptical at the same time. Even if you don’t believe in werewolves, UFOs, etc., this is a unique take on documentaries for these and so many more that are handled far better than I’ve seen. I think films like this help that community far more than some of the crazier ones that I’ve seen in the past.

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