Body Horror by the Very Definition

Body Horror by the Very Definition

The Seed


Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Year Released: 2021
Runtime: 1h 31m
Director: Sam Walker
Writer: Sam Walker
Cast: Lucy Martin, Sophie Vavasseur, Chelsea Edge
Where To Watch: Streaming on Shudder March 10th

This film was my first experience with a Shudder original, and I wasn’t disappointed. I would first like to point out that I love this poster. There’s something so simple about it but so powerful as well. It doesn’t ruin what the film is about but at the same time tells you more than you know.

While the description on IMDb calls this a comedy, horror, sci-fi, I think that a more accurate description would be a dark comedy/body horror with a twist of sci-fi. If you liked films like “Eraserhead” or “Titane,” this should be right up your alley; I would say it's horror’s contemporary take on that genre (a little less infatuation with cars than in “Titane” though.)

About ten minutes into the film, I wasn’t sure what to think; for the most part, the cast was playing to the “influencer” roles that they were given, and that was a bit much, but in reality, it was incredibly accurate. I haven’t seen Lucy Martin’s role in the “Vikings” TV series, but I’m now extremely interested because she nailed this caricature of a part. If you didn’t understand the premise of the film, then you may have been a little put-off, but after realizing it was all intentional, it blew me away.

The rest of the main cast, Sophie Vavasseur and Chelsea Edge, had solid performances but were less stereotyped than Martin’s. This isn't to say that they didn’t have believable performances, just that theirs felt a little more down to earth in comparison.

I was impressed with the use of practical effects in the film; too often, modern horror leans towards CGI, which can take you out of the movie unless you have a blockbuster-level budget. While not 100% perfect, the practical effects used harkened back to a time when Bob Keen, Jim Doyle, Tom Savini, and many others ruled the screen. There’s a certain magic about seeing something real, even when you know that it isn’t. However, I do have a question for anyone reading this. Why have so many horror films gone from fake red blood to the more ominous black blood? I don’t have an issue with it, just curious if it's meant to invoke a different feeling of horror or if it just flat out looks “scarier?”

Overall, this gives me a lot of hope for checking out other Shudder originals. I’ve heard great things about them but hadn’t put my toe in the water yet. So this is exciting; I should’ve known better since it’s an offshoot of AMC Networks.

A massive shout out to Shudder for allowing me to review their upcoming film!

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