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Madrigal Feaste

Madrigal Feaste

Madrigal King Neil Alford, son of Rich and Amanda Alford of Hopedale and Queen Katherine Helms, daughter of Penelope and David Fontaine of Armington.

Grand castles, intricate clothing, a grand feast, and the joy of Christmas and great music; all of this is what you will experience at Olympia’s annual Madrigals event. Every year about 100 students from Olympia High School’s Chamber Choir, Court Singers, Madrigal Band, Madrigal Masque, and 8th Grade Chorus perform in front of a crowd of guests, stepping them back in time and into the renaissance period. 

Guests get to enjoy a meal served to them as if they were truly back in the renaissance period. This meal consists of chicken, Ye Olde Green Beans, mashed potatoes, and dessert which they get to enjoy as they watch the show. The Chamber Choir, Court Singers, Madrigal Band, Madrigal Masque, and the 8th Grade Chorus all will perform a variety of songs, each member having their own role to play. 

This year the crowned King and Queen are Neil Alford and Katherine Helms. The King, Neil Alford, said that the Madrigals have “always been super exciting to put on and create an entire castle inside the gym. It’s something that many people in the community have a lot of love for and when we get a group this large together to put on an event of this size, it leads to some really special performances and memories.” He also talked about how he is so excited to be this year’s King and can’t wait to perform. 

The Queen, Katherine Helms, also showed her excitement for the event. When asked about headlining the event she stated that “headlining the event is a dream come true and something that I have been working towards for a couple of years now and having my best friend by my side has been such a blessing.” Both Neil and Katherine have so much love and excitement for the event so there is no doubt they will be a great King and Queen duo, making this event even more special.

If you would like to see this magical event and get into the Christmas spirit, you can buy tickets for $20 at Nelson’s catering website for either December 4th or 5th. It is a fun event to attend and a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends well enjoying some great food and watching great entertainment.

Madrigal Feaste

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