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OHS Homecoming

OHS Homecoming

To begin the Olympia High School Homecoming Week a kick-off assembly was held. In this assembly, the School Song competition was first where students competed to see who could be the loudest while singing the school song. The seniors took first with the juniors coming close behind. Slime Time was held after the School Song competition. The contestants for Slime Time were Maddie Conway, Taylor Nowaskie, Michael Bagby, Jayden Kavanaugh, and Mrs. Brown. Students bid on who would get to slime each contestant, the highest bid being $231 from Andrew Litwiller to slime Taylor Nowaskie. The dress-up theme was to dress like your elementary self. 

Door and hallway decorations were judged on Tuesday with seniors taking first, juniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in last. Students matched up with their friends for Twin/Dynamic Duo day.

On Wednesday students dressed as their favorite cartoon characters, ranging from the Power Puff girls to Scooby-Doo. Wednesday was an early out day so Pixie Pigskin, Boys Volleyball, and the Lunch Carnival took place throughout this half-day. The girls from the senior and junior classes faced off in Pixie Pigskin but the seniors had a strong defense that kept the juniors from scoring, resulting in a 42-0 win for the seniors. The boys from each class competed in a volleyball tournament and the seniors took the win. While Boys Volleyball took place, the Lunch Carnival was running where multiple OHS activities sold all kinds of goods at their booths for the student body to buy.

Thursday was Theme Day meaning each grade level dressed as their theme for the week. The seniors had Monopoly, the juniors had Candy Land, the sophomores had Clue, and the freshmen had the Game of Life. Jeopardy was held during advisory where the seniors got first, sophomores got seconds, juniors got third, and freshmen got last.  Volleyball Pack the Place was also Thursday night, followed by the Bonfire hosted by the football team. 

On Friday students showed their school spirit by wearing Spartan attire and the final two assemblies were held for the week. The first was the Relays Assembly where multiple relay events were held, each class competing against each other. The juniors pulled through, winning two out of the four events and getting second and third in the remaining events. These wins put the juniors in the lead, putting pressure on the seniors.

The pep assembly was the final deciding factor for who would take home the win this year. Banners were judged, resulting in freshmen taking first, seniors taking second, sophomores taking third, and juniors taking last. Each class performed a lip-sync dance, which was the last event where each class could earn points. Seniors ended up taking first in the Lip Sync with sophomores coming in second, juniors in third, and freshmen in last. With all of these events done and a collection of wins, Seniors took first place, winning the OHS Homecoming Week. Later that night the Homecoming football game took place, followed by the dance on Saturday night.

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