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Payton Rich Recovers From Surgery

Payton Rich Recovers From Surgery

In May of 2021, Payton Rich was at her last middle school basketball practice of the season when she went to do a pivot move and bent her knee backward. This movement resulted in a stretched/swollen ACL and multiple bone bruises. On May 10th, a week after her injury, Payton went to go see a knee surgeon about her injury. Over the summer she spent time resting it, hoping at a chance to play in her freshman basketball season. Payton was in a wheelchair and wearing a leg brace for some time to help in the healing.

But despite her time spent away from physical activity, her knee still hadn’t quite healed by August. On top of her injured ACL, they believed she had also damaged her PCL. After her surgeon wasn’t able to treat her PCL damage, she was referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon in St. Louis. After an examination, they determined that while her ACL was looking good, her tibia was backward due to her PCL being damaged. From this, the surgeon determined she needed to get surgery to repair this damage, but she wouldn’t have to go through reconstruction.

On Monday, September 20th, Payton had her surgery in St. Louis. It lasted about an hour and a half, and they ended up having to repair both her PCL and ACL. From here on out she is on the road to recovery, which hopefully will allow her to get back to her sports and activities. 

Throughout this tough time, Payton’s community has gathered together to support her. On September 19th at the Waynesville Christian Church, there was a group prayer for her. People gathered around praying for Payton to have a swift recovery and for her surgery on the 20th to go well and smoothly. Her friends and family have supported her through this tough time as well, helping her every step of the way as she navigates this injury and her recovery. Keep Payton in your thoughts and prayers, and let’s all hope for a speedy recovery.

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