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Dee-Mack Boosters Club

Dee-Mack Boosters Club

Should you decide to attend a Dee-Mack sporting event, you’ll likely find a group of people dedicated to supporting student athletes as well as Chiefs faculty. This group is the Dee-Mack Booster Club and, this week, The Mackinaw Mail was able to speak to Treasurer Sara Wilkins to get some insight into how the group operates and what the local community can do to support their overall mission.

One of the first points that Sara was quick to make is the fact that the booster club isn’t solely concerned with sports and is a bit of a hybrid PTA organization. “We have helped provide field trips for the students, textbooks for classrooms, and a lot of things revolving around teacher appreciation; like providing a dinner during Teacher Appreciation Week,” she says. On top of that, the club is also continually organizing events like a golf outing with the local Lions club, a “Meet the Chiefs” event every fall, and the upcoming “Paint the Town Red” drive leading up to Homecoming weekend. As part of the Homecoming events, the Booster Club is currently selling #ChiefNation yard signs that can be found at Easy Care Pharmacy or the High School office.

However, according to Sara, the most pressing need for the Boosters is volunteers. Now that the school year is in full swing and kids are busy with fall sports, the club would really like to bolster their presence at events. “It’s not all that time consuming,” Sara says, noting that most folks put in a couple hours “here and there”. Anyone interested in volunteering can email the Booster Club directly at or, if you are the old-fashioned type, you can find the club members at home football games near the concession stand. 

Sara adds that if you don’t have the time to volunteer directly you can still help by remaining supportive. If you can, grab a yard sign or go enjoy a Dee-Mack sporting event. Remember, the main goal is encouraging Dee-Mack students and faculty to perform their best, both on the field and in the classroom.

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