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Chief Kemp Plans to Retire

Chief Kemp Plans to Retire

Danvers Chief of Police Michael Kemp has recently decided that he will be retiring from his position as Chief on Friday August 13. Chief Kemp has been the Chief of Police for the Village of Danvers since 2013, making many connections with locals during that period of time. Chief Kemp says, “I have greatly enjoyed every moment that I have served the citizens within our jurisdiction.” Chief Kemp was always thinking of what was best for the Village of Danvers. After eight years of being the Chief for Danvers, it is a given that a special connection between Chief Kemp and the community members has been built. 

“I will miss the people, the agency, and the officers immensely,” says Chief Kemp. The decision to move on from Danvers was not an easy one for Chief Kemp, but he says it is time for him to “prepare for the next phase of my career.” Chief Kemp always made it his goal as the ief of Police to, “ensure that the Danvers Police Department and its personnel were the best trained, best equipped, and best led rural agency in McLean County.” His dedication to the Danvers Police Department is what made the community members in Danvers gain respect for Chief Kemp and the way he went about his business. In an announcement on the Danvers Police Department Illinois Facebook page, Chief Kemp thanked the mayor, village board, town clerk, treasurer, village staff, the fire department, citizens, McLean County Sheriff's Department, the telecommunicators, and all of the officers that have served the Danvers Police Department. Chief Kemp recognizes how much of a team effort running a police department is, never showing anything but respect to the people involved. 

The departure of Chief Kemp will definitely be felt for the people of Danvers. As their Chief of Police of eight years retires, it will be strange not to see Chief Kemp in uniform around Danvers anymore. Chief Kemp always had a positive impact on Danvers’ citizens, and he will absolutely be missed. “I have always been and always will be grateful for the support of the citizens that I served,” said Kemp. 

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